Nano-Particles Self-Assembling and Seeding Technology in Liquid Carriers

H.-Y. Lai (Taiwan)


: liquidcarrier system, transportation processes, nanoparticles, selfassembling and seeding.


The paper presents a new model to allow the delivery of functional particles to the infected area by a liquid-carrier system. The new approach makes good use of the coated and self-assembled nano-particles in delivery processes. In the self-assembly process, the surface of nano-particles are polarized and assembled with functional particles to pack as a complete carrier. In order to model the process, the theories of DLVO and hydrodynamics is employed for self-assembly. The brown dynamics is used to evaluate the process parameters instead of using traditional empirical average values. The relation among processes is studied. An integrated model is proposed. A computerized system is set up to conduct numerical and experimental data for signature verification. The results indicate that the modeling procedure proposed in this work is satisfactory. The proposed modeling procedure can be further modified and extended for various applications in different industrial and medical particle transportation processes.

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