Deterministic Modelling of Vehicle Trajectories

A. Koita, V. Dolcemascolo, and M. Bouteldja (France)


Modeling, interpolation, vehicle trajectory, states limit.


This study presents a vehicle trajectory model for a cornering manoeuvre. This type of manoeuvre is a complex task because the capacities of guidance of the vehicle and its handling by the driver are both requested at the same time. The first cause of accident in a cornering is obviously its curvature. The objective of this paper is to develop a driver assistance system based on the interaction between the vehicle, the driver and the infrastructure. After a brief review of the accidents origin in bend, we use the forces applied on the vehicle in order to determine the trajectories states limit. Then, a trajectory limit model using interpolation method is developed in order to predict and to avoid the risky situations. Lastly, we apply the method of the continuous curve using polynomial functions in order to generate the reference trajectory. The "yaw-slip-roll" vehicle model is used for simulation in order to estimate the vehicle variables state, in the Matlab/Simulink environment. The results are validated by the simulator Prosper.

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