Parameterized Discrete Event Systems under Partial Observation Revisited

H. Bherer, J. Desharnais, and R. St-Denis (Canada)


Discrete event system, parameterized system, state feed back control, partial observation.


This paper considers the state feedback control of para meterized discrete event systems consisting of N similar processes for the problem of maintaining a predicate on the state space of the system invariant under partial observa tion. It extends previous work by the authors in the sense that the synthesis procedure is founded on the concept of M-controllability rather than on the concept of strong M controllability. The effect is a gain in the number of reach able states. The basic idea underlying the proposed ap proach consists in exploiting the symmetry of the system to be controlled, the symmetry of the mask, and the sym metry of the control speciļ¬cation, in order to avoid the ex ploration of the entire state space.

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