Optimal Evaluation Algorithms for New Dispersed Sources in Distribution Systems

D. Rho, K. Kwan, Y. Oh, and S. Hong (Korea)


Dispersed sources, Voltage management, Distribution system, Voltage variation, Power quality


This paper deals with the optimal evaluation algorithms for voltage managements in the case where new dispersed sources are operated in distribution systems. It is very difficult and complicated to handle the interconnection issues for proper voltage managements, because professional skills and enormous amounts of data for the evaluations are required. The typical evaluation algorithms mainly depending on human ability and quality of data acquired, inevitably cause the different results for the same issue, so unfair and subjective evaluations are unavoidable. In order to overcome these problems, this paper proposes reasonable and general algorithms based on the standard model system and proper criterion, which offers the fair and objective evaluations in any case. The proposed algorithm is a proper evaluation algorithm for the voltage management at normal and emergency conditions. The results from a case study show that the proposed methods can be a practical tool for the voltage management in distribution systems including dispersed sources.

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