Migration Procedure of Control Laws from a Graphical Simulation Environment to a Robotic Framework

V. Poiré, S. Lemieux, P. Bigras, and M. Blain (Canada)


Robotic framework, rapid controller prototyping, migration.


Rapid controller prototyping (RCP) is widely used in the research community for its ease of use. Robotic frameworks (RF) bring great flexibility but require significant investments in programming, which is not desirable in the research world. Combining both strategies by migrating control laws from a RCP environment to a RF can speed up the development process while retaining the flexibility. We illustrate this approach with the migration of a computed torque controller for a virtual 2-DOF planar robot. The migration is carried out with a RCP consisting of a Matlab/Simulink/RTW toolchain. The computed torque controller is encapsulated in a dynamic library, then integrated with a RF called Integrated Modules for Robot Control (MICROB). The results show that such a migration process is both practical and promising.

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