The Conception of the SPRP Manipulator: The Ideal Case

I. Juárez Campos (Mexico)


Robot modelling, robot kinematics, robot design, helical transformation.


The paper shows the conception and design of a novel manipulator capable of transporting work pieces following the length of a three-dimensional curve about a central axis; this curve is a spiral-shaped path resulting from a screw transformation based on the well known Rodrigues formulae and the Chasles Theorem. The mentioned pieces must be positioned and oriented at a final pose from an initial position and orientation. It implies a manipulator possessing at least 6 degrees of freedom. This paper presents the evidences establishing the validity of a SPRP manipulator that has been conceived from the mentioned Screw Transformation. Not only has it the ability to transport pieces along a spiral-shaped path, but also it adapts its postures to new tasks and changing conditions.

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