Ambient Intelligence in Manufacturing Industry: Control System Point of View

D. Stokic, U. Kirchhoff, and H. Sundmaeker (Germany)


Ambient Intelligence, Intelligent Control, Observability, Reference Architecture, Collaborative Environments, Automation and Robots, Industrial Automation


The paper intends to contribute to understanding and definition of the paradigm of Ambient Intelligence (AmI). The paper specifically focuses upon AmI application in manufacturing industry. The new definition of AmI systems in industry is proposed intending to indicate a clear correlation between AmI systems and ‘classical intelligent control’. The so-called Reference Architecture for AmI systems, serving as a tool for the development of the AmI based control systems, is initially proposed as well. The typical control schemes for AmI based control system (in industry) are defined and analysed intending to identify the key aspects that differentiate the AmI control systems from classical schemes. The analysis has indicated that an increased observability of the whole system and specifically of human operator and his/her environment (ambience) is the key element leading to a more effective control and higher intelligence of AmI systems. The possible applications of the proposed Reference Architecture for different processes and plants in industry are considered.

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