A Hardware Power Electronic-based Distribution and Propulsion Testbed

S. Pekarek, J. Tichenor, B. Dusadeesapaporn, N. Benavides, J. Wooldridge, A. Koenig, S. Brouwer, P. Beccue, S. Sudhoff, B. Kuhn, S. Glover, D. Aliprantis, J. Byoun, C. Kwon, B. Loop, O. Lorrenze, B. Ashton, J. Ciezki, D.E Delisle, and J. Sauer (USA)


power electronics, survivability, zonal distribution, electric propulsion


To facilitate research in power electronic based system design, a hardware-based integrated power system testbed has been developed. The testbed consists of an AC generation and propulsion system that is coupled to a DC zonal distribution system. A primary objective of the testbed is to provide a resource to the academic and industrial community by providing a non proprietary system on which to demonstrate controls, survivability algorithms, and validate computer-aided design (CAD) tools. In this paper, a detailed technical description of the system is provided. Included is a description of all components, component and system controls, modeling techniques, and hardware implementation.

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