Operation of Unified Constant-frequency Integration Controlled Three-phase Power Factor Correction in Unbalanced System

T. Jin and K.M. Smedley (USA)


PFC, Unified Constant-frequency Integration (UCI), One Cycle Control, Power Quality.


In recent years, the power quality of the AC system has become a great concern due to the rapidly increased numbers of electronic equipment. In order to reduce harmonic contamination in power lines and improve the transmission efficiency, power factor correction research became a hot topic. Many control methods for the Power Factor Correction (PFC) were proposed. The theory and experiments have demonstrated that Unified Constant frequency Integration (UCI) controller features excellent performance, simple circuitry, and low cost for three phase PFC under three-phase balanced conditions. In this paper, a three-phase PFC working in an unbalanced condition with a UCI controller are studied. Analysis and simulation show that with UCI control sinusoidal input current can be realized, whether the input voltages are balanced or unbalanced.

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