Advanced Static Var Generator with One-Cycle Control

L. Zhou, J. Jiang, and L. Zhou (PRC)


ASVG, inverter, One-cycle control, multifunctions


In this paper, a multifunctional capabilities of three-phase four-wire advanced static var generator (ASVG) is proposed. An IGBT-based voltage source inverter (VSI) with one-cycle control is taken as ASVG. Four different types of loads consisting of liner/nonlinear and balanced/unbalanced elements are used. One-cycle control simplifies the circuit of controller, eliminates the steady-state error and dynamic error between the control reference and the average value of the switched variable. The simulations show that the ASVG with One-cycle control not only can implement the task of reactive compensation, but also can fulfill the multifunctions such as harmonics compensation, balancing loads.

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