Enhanced Method for Controlling Dependent Integrated PWM Converter-Inverter System

E.H.E. Bayoumi, A. Maamoun (Egypt), O. Pyrhonen (Finland), M.O. Khalil, and A. Mhfouz (Egypt)


Power factor compensation, PWM converter.


The integrated PWM converter-inverter system has the capability of unity power factor, sinusoidal supply current, and bi-directional power capabilities, constant dc link voltage and the ability to minimize the dc link capacitance. By using the synchronous rotating-frame, both the input and output current of the integrated system are characterised by fast current response and low harmonic distortion. One drawback of linear control when a small dc link capacitance is used. The fluctuations in dc link voltage during sudden motor load changes. The fluctuations have harmful effect on system reliability and performance. To avoid this, a new modification to dc link control has been added. By using new modification dc link capacitance can be reduced significantly compared to those used in traditional rectifiers or those used when applying the linear control method for the PWM converters. Through simulation and experimental results, the superiority of the proposed integrated system is demonstrated.

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