Generalized High-power Current Compensator based on Multilevel Converter

L. Zhou, Q. Yi, X. Zhou, and M. Luo (PRC)


FACTS, Multilevel converter, Current compensator, High-power application


Actually, shunt active power filter (APF), advanced static VAR generator (ASVG) and the shunt converter of unified power flow controller (UPFC) are all current compensators. Series APF and the series converter of UPFC are only transforming the current signal into voltage signal. So they are belong to generalized current compensators. The APF, ASVG and UPFC used in the transmission and distribution of power grid must have high-power level and diode clamping multilevel converter has been found to attractive features for high-power application, so a generalized high-power current compensator based on diode clamping multilevel converter was presented in this paper. According to the theory analysis and simulation results, it has been proved that the generalized high-power current compensator presented in this paper can compensate many kinds of harmful currents respectively or compositely.

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