Critical Cluster Identification using Line Transient Potential Energy and Voltage

K.W. Chan, G.W. Cai, T.S. Chung, and G. Mu (PRC)


Transient stability assessment, critical cluster identification, line vulnerability index, TEF, EEAC


Reliability and computational simplicity in the identification of critical cluster are of primary importance in the application of direct and hybrid transient stability assessment methods such as TEF, EEAC, and hybrid TEF and EEAC. In this paper, a new approach is proposed for classifying machines into critical and remaining clusters. Critical cutset (weakest lines) is identified with a quantitative assessment index based on the post-fault line transient potential energy and bus voltage changes. The calculation of this index is simple and fast. Only the variables of line power, bus angle and voltage along the post-fault trajectory are required. Case studies on the 10 machines 39 buses IEEE test system are given with discussions to show the validity of the proposed method.

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