Power Quality and Reliability Supply Improvement using a Power Conditioning System with Energy Storage Capability

D. Casadei, G. Grandi, and C. Rossi (Italy)


Uninterrupted Power Supply, Power Factor Compensationand Conditioning, Phase and Voltage Imbalances, EnergyStorage System


A Power Conditioning System (PCS) with energy storage capability is proposed as a viable solution for improving the quality and the reliability of the electric energy supply. Several tasks can be performed at the same time, such as reactive power compensation, current harmonic reduction, and smoothing of pulsating loads. Moreover, the PCS can operate as Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) during short time interruptions of the grid supply. In order to show the PCS performance, experimental tests have been carried out using a flywheel as storage device. The effectiveness of the PCS has been successfully verified in several operating conditions.

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