Dimensional Optimisation of Non Ceramic Insulator based on Influence Leakage Current and Tangential Electric Field

I. Garniwa, R. Setiabudy, A. Alfauzi, and A. Dewi (Indonesia)



A value of tangential electric field that is not over the determined limit is the condition required on insulator surface, because the flash over event could happen it. The tangential electric field is bigger than the electric field intensity straightness of air. To reduce flashover event on surface area, then the electric field intensity over the insulator surface must smaller than the electric field air. By applying high voltage on isolator, leakage current will be produced on the insulator surface and this current is also influenced by the pollution on insulator surface. This paper present the design of non ceramic post insulator in both of the initial condition and the polluted condition by studying the influence of insulator dimension such as the S/P ratio (S is Vertical distance between equal shed and P is Horisontal Distance of shed), the maximum projection length of shed, the radius of insulator (R) the inclination angle of shed and the number of shed in order to obtain the volume and the optimum creepage distance distance while observing the leakage current and the tangential electric field happened along insulator surface. The basic calculation is done based on the Charge Simulation Method (CSM) and by using computer program for similarly and calculating the condition of insulator.

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