Current Evaluation Inside a Power Fuse

J.-M. Guichon, M. Besacier, J.-L. Schanen, E. Clavel, and J.-L. Gelet (France)


PEEC method, Parasitic inductance, Current evaluation,Power Fuses


Power electronics components are protected using power fuses. It is a very well-known phenomenon that fuses for semi-conductors are subjected to thermal fatigue and fuses-manufacturers developed rules for a good determination of the protection. But with new semi conductor-switches, such as IGBTB, the operational frequencies are very high (1 to 20 kHz) and it becomes necessary to understand what happens and to reconsider the behavior of the fuses in order to foresee what will happen in the field. An electrical modeling of power double body fuses is proposed in this article in order to evaluate global current and current density inside these components. The aim is to conclude on the design of these components or on their use in power structures.

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