Simultaneous Tuning of a Coordinated Facts Device for Stability Enhancement using a Micro-GA

K. Hongesombut, Y. Mitani, and K. Tsuji (Japan)


TCSC, SVC, coordinated FACTS devices, micro-genetic algorithm, stability enhancement.


This paper presents a method for simultaneous tuning of a coordinated FACTS device for stability enhancement using a micro-genetic algorithm (micro-GA). A coordi nated FACTS device used in this study is a combination of TCSC (Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor) and SVC (Static Var Compensator). When TCSC and SVC are operated simultaneously, a proper coordination must be done for superior damping performance. Otherwise, un necessary conditions may arise from their dynamic inter action resulting to a degradation of damping performance in the power system. In this paper, a micro-GA, which is performed in parallel, with a very small population size and reinitialization process has been proposed to apply for tuning control parameters of the coordinated TCSC and SVC in order to obtain the maximum damping for inter area and local oscillations and to speed up the GA calcula tion time for obtaining the best solution. Simulation results show a greatly improvement of damping performance and calculation time by using the proposed method.

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