Phenomena of Forward and Backward Rotation Fields in Respect of Localized Flux Distribution and Core Losses in a Single-phase Induction Motor

H. Heydari and A. Izadian (Iran)


Backward rotational field, forward rotational field, flux distribution, search coil, iron losses


Since the iron core losses are directly related to the localized flux distribution, so having knowledge of distribution of the localized flux density in a magnetic core, can lead to optimization of the electrical steels and the design of the motor cores. With high and increasing capitalized values of core losses in electrical motors, manufacturers strive continuously to improve the cost/performance characteristics of their products with particular attention being focused on core design. It was found that backward and forward rotational field changes the magnetic performance in electric motors, particularly in single-phase motors. Up to present time, as far as the authors are aware no report on optimization or deterioration in terms of forward and backward rotation of electric motors has been made. This paper attempts to fill void by making direct comparison of the localized flux distribution and power loss, in the stator core of a single phase induction motor, being magnetized under forward and backward rotation [1].

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