Using UCA Standard to Model Hydroelectric Power Plant Automation System

C.A. Villacorta Cardoso, J.A. Jardini, and L.C. Magrini (Brazil)


Generation, UCA, GOMSFE andCASM.


Integration achievement the is one of the main problems in the automation systems. At present, there is a universe of equipment with different protocols that need to be intercommunicated, something that always happens at all Automation hierarchical levels. The deregulation of the utilities have however, originated another needs such as: integration, consolidation and dissemination of information, in real time, in a fast and precise way within utilities, and among them too. Having these issues considered, the EPRI (Electrical Power Research Institute) has proposed the UCA (Utility Communication Architecture) standards, in order to try to solve the interoperability problems. The extension of those standards in the modeling of objects and functions of power plants, originally proposed for the substation Automation systems, have been researched by the authors. This work presents a methodology to model and implement the UCA standards in Power plant automation. The case study corresponds to a hydropower plant start up function. The modeling is done based on an existing automation system.

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