Recent Advances in the Modeling and Analysis of Induction Machines with Non-uniform Air-gap using the Modified Winding Function Theory

S. Nandi (Canada)


Fault diagnosis, speed estimation, machine modeling.


Modeling of induction machines using winding function approach (WFA) is well known. It has been used extensively to evaluate performance for induction machines. However, when the air-gap is non-uniform WFA is no longer applicable. Modified winding function approach (MWFA), which was originally developed for modeling dynamic eccentricity in salient pole synchronous machines was more recently used for modeling of eccentric induction machines and also the effects of stator and rotor slotting. While not as accurate as finite element (FE) methods, MWFA based simulations are computationally far less intensive and yield results lot quicker. Experimental results presented in the paper, however, clearly establish the credibility of the MWFA.

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