GIS Enhanced Long-Term Planning of MV Distribution Networks

Z. Zmijarevic, S. Krajcar, and D. Skrlec (Croatia)


Long-Term Distribution Planning; Geographic Information Systems; Genetic Algorithms.


This paper outlines a methodology for long-term planning of MV power distribution networks. The optimization procedure within the proposed methodology is based on genetic algorithms for optimal routing of primary feeders in open-loop and link networks. A brief overview of the algorithms is given to emphasize the applicability and constraints of the methodology. The proposed methodology relies on geographically referenced data stored in an arbitrary Geographic Information System (GIS) and takes into account the existing network structure. For verification and exploitation, an extension to a successful commercial desktop GIS has been developed for preparing necessary data and for interpreting results. An addition to this paper is a short compilation of directions for the future based on experiences gained through the development of our tools and user feedback.

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