Improvements in Micro-Controller-Based Super Visioning Systems for Remote Control of Power Plants

G. Capponi, P. Livreri, L. Mulone, and P. Scalia (Italy)



This paper presents the optimization process of a Micro-controller-based system to remote super vision of power plants for telecommunication applications. The system is based on a two-layer architecture, with a first board (MCS) to act on the entire power plant for its remote control and a second board (MCA), which interfaces the first ones to control every single rectifier. MCS uses Flash memory and it can be managed and reprogrammed in local or remote according to the TCP/IP protocol integrated in the software system. In the MCA board, most of the operations and functions are implemented by the software core of the board to allow upgrading of the system part without any hardware modification. With this approach, and a proper Micro-controller selection, the system gains flexibility, low cost and small dimensions.

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