Analysis of an Electromagnetic Suspension System for Ground Vehicles

S. Mirzaei, S. Mortaza Saghaiannejad, and M. Moallem (Iran)


Electromagnetic Shock Absorber (EMSA), TubularLinear Induction Motor (TLIM) and Suspension System


This paper introduces a novel passive suspension system for ground vehicles. The system is based on a flexible Electromagnetic Shock Absorber (EMSA). After designing and providing a model, the results of the test model are compared with behavior of tubular linear induction motor, which is connected to DC supply. Therefore, its dynamic equations in arbitrary reference frame are obtained, and are added to a quarter car equations. The results of simulation of the new system moving along randomly profile road show reduction of the body acceleration hence increase passenger comfort when the field voltage of the EMSA increases. Its performances are compared with a same passive suspension system. By using position and speed sensors on the vehicle body and suitable electronic circuit this system may be improved and near to semi active suspension system.

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