Personal Computer Voltage Susceptibility Characteristics

M. Tahir Siddique, D.O. Koval, and J. Salmon (Canada)


voltage sag, power quality, computer, monitors, susceptibility


The occurrence of low utilization voltage levels at industrial and commercial facilities can significantly disrupt computerized processes, a costly issue for society. To theoretically model the performance of a computer system’s power supply circuits and its monitor’s circuits in low voltage supply environments is a complex and time consuming task. Many questions about the performance characteristics of personal computers operating in low voltage environments are still unanswered. For example, are new computer systems more susceptible to low voltage conditions than older models and how do their operating characteristics change if any with changes in supply voltage levels? How susceptible are personal computers and monitors to low voltage supply conditions and at what point do they cease to function. Answers to these questions is the subject of this paper. This paper will present several empirical case studies revealing the changing operating characteristics of an old and new personal computers operating in low voltage environments. The results of the case studies provide a basis for modeling and simulating the performance of computer systems being supplied from low voltage supply environments.

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