Progression of Power Electronics - Its Impact on Energy and Environment

B.K. Bose (USA)


Energy, power electronics, drives, environment, converters, devices


Power electronics has gone through rapid technological evolution in the recent years, and its applications are fast expanding in industrial, commercial, residential, military, aerospace and utility environments. Many innovations in power semiconductor devices, converter topologies, analytical and simulation techniques, electrical machine drives, and control and estimation methods have contributed this advancement.The frontier of this complex and interdisciplinary technology has been further advanced by the artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, such as fuzzy logic, neural networks and genetic algorithm, thus bringing more challenge to power electronic engineers. In the global industrial automation, energy generation, conservation and environmental pollution control trends of the 21st century, the widespread impact of power electronics is inevitable. The paper begins with a discussion on global energy generation scenario and the corresponding environmental issues. The mitigation of energy and environmental problems is then discussed with particular emphasis of power electronics applications. A brief but comprehensive review of recent advances in power electronics is incorporated in the paper.

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