XML-Based Data Modeling for Object-Oriented CFD Simulation

R. Lin and A.A. Afjeh (USA)


Data modeling, CFD Simulation, XML, Object-oriented


Large-scale Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations typically generate vast amounts of data. As a result, effective and well-defined CFD data modeling is always an important issue. With the object-oriented approach gradually becoming the method of choice for modern CFD applications, more challenging data issues are faced in the areas of interface and overlap between application logic and its persistence logic. This paper describes a method to use XML-based data modeling techniques to meet this challenge. An XML-based, well defined CFD Data Object (CDO) modeling framework has been designed that allows simulation components to work naturally in their native code of programming language, while at the same time preserving the syntax and semantics interoperability of the original data. With the implementation of the designed models through CFD databinding, developers are presented with an object interface to data-stores, transparently accessing and manipulating data as data objects. This allows developers to focus on the CFD application design logic, without a need to know the underlying data source, thereby greatly facilitating object-oriented CFD simulation.

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