Modelling, Simulation and Signal Processing of Space Charge in Thin Dielectric Film

J.-M. Reboul and M. Rouff (France)


ATWM, space charge measurement,non destructive method, Ck spline functions, inverseproblem, Ck continuous interpolation of distributed parameters


For the last ten years, space charge measurements are used to evaluate the electrical quality of insulating materials. However, the various measurement methods are not adapted to the polymer films employed for the manufacture of power capacitors. The present work is concerned with the development of the new Alternative Thermal Wave Method based on the processing of the current response of film samples submitted to alternative thermal stimulations. A thermo-electrical module is used to generate the alternative thermal stimulations. The current response is processed as arising from an equivalent pattern of discrete charged planes parallel to the film faces. Some results obtained with this method on 100 µm thick and 20 µm thick polypropylene films are given. The resolving power of the method and its ability for thinner films are discussed. Opening the way to C1 modelling

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