Virtual Prototyping for Automated Generation of Mathematical Models

B.A. Krassi and J.O. Tuominen (Finland)


Virtual prototyping, mathematical modelling, control, identification


A procedure for automated generation of deterministic linear time-invariant discrete mathematical models of complex mechanical systems has been developed. This procedure is based on virtual prototyping and comprises the following two steps. The first step includes the development of a virtual prototype of a system. The second step consists of simulation and identification of the developed virtual prototype resulting in creation of an explicit mathematical model of the system. Then this mathematical model can be used for control system design. In comparison with conventional techniques, the procedure yields more accurate mathematical models and consequently better control design. The procedure is fast, flexible and reusable. It is especially suitable for automated generation of mathematical models of complex mechanical systems, including those, which are still within the design phase. The procedure has been successfully applied to the analysis and design of several practical problems.

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