Extendible Simulation Package for Robotics Research and Instruction

P. Koseeyaporn, G.E. Cook, and A.M. Strauss (USA)


Robot Simulation, Simulation Tools,3D Modeling.


An open robotic simulation package, which is suited for both introductory and advance educational robotic courses and research, is proposed. An interactive command line interface permits fast and easy learning of modeling and simulation from a 3D perspective. Different types of robots containing parallel and/or serial links can be modeled from 3D primitive objects or more complex objects created from extrusion or revolution of user generated polygons. The simulation package is designed to aid advanced robotics study and research in such areas as intelligent path planning and collision avoidance, and linear, nonlinear, and force control of manipulators. Extendibility and accessibility of the package are extremely flexible with support provided for many programming languages based on the component interface strategy.

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