Mechanism and Force Driven Earth's Ecosystem

W. Guo and X. Juan (PRC)


Mechanism, Ecosystem, Force, Nature factor, Economic factor


Before the industrial revolution, although human be able to crop, hunt and fire, but population was few, the extent of human activity was small, earth's ecosystem and environment were driven by nature force. Since, economy development bring severe problem to the earth's ecosystem and environment. In the last 50 years, earth's ecosystem was driven by economic factor. Human caused environmental change. In this paper, we use new theory of conflict of interest to explore the mechanism and process of economic driving the earth's ecosystem and environment. In order to study the process of the interest drive, we separate economic system into four interest layers. In economic competition, corporation layer, region layer, country layer merely emphasize themselves benefit. So, international entente is very necessary on the management of the earth’s ecosystem. Earth's ecosystem driven merely by nature factor was a single system, it can be modelled and simulated preferably. Earth's ecosystem was driven by economic factor is a unstable system, because economic system is vertiginous system essentially. It is difficult to simulate second system.

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