IGBT Modeling based on State Graph Representation

F. Charfi, M. Ben Messaoud (Tunisia) B. Fran├žois (France), K. Al-Haddad (Canada), and F. Sellami (Tunisia)


Semiconductor, model , Simulation, State Graph, Igbt.


: In this paper we present an algorithm that modelizes the power electronic component. The model is decomposed into the control part and operative one. The state graph constitutes the model of the control part witch describes the function achieved by the power component in our application the IGBT. The output of this block is applied to the simulink model witch defines the operative part. Classical configuration of chopper and inverter are used both with Igbt Matlab and proposed model . The comparison on the simulation results of two models reveals a negligible relative error. Rather than aiming primarily at increasing the accuracy on analysis of power electronic systems by including accurate models of semiconductor devices, our algorithm redirects transitions so that new destination states are equivalent to the original ones, while the average activity of the circuit is decreased.

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