An Efficiency Controlling Method used in the Bicycle Computers

T.Y. Lin (Taiwan)


modeling, bicycle computer, electric smart bike.


Nowadays many sensors and actuators are mounted on bicycles for the reason of smart bike or electric bike applications. In such systems, an MCU is always used to process and compute the input and output signals. When the number of sensors and actuators is small, the MCU can handle these signals very well. However, when there are too many signals processed by the MCU, it would not work as well due to the overloading signals. In the past, using more expensive MCUs or complex software/software designs were commonly used to solve this problem. This paper proposes a distribution concept to help the MCU to handle these signals. The re-conditioned information can be sent both ways between MCU and the distribution center via a pre-determined protocol. In this situation, the MCU can make its efforts only in AI computing and become more reliable. In addition, the software/hardware designs are simpler, and the cost for MCU is cheaper.

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