Simulation of SNMPv3 Traffic Flow Meter MIB using Arena Simulation Modelling Software

K. V. Nagarajan, P. Vial, and G. Awyzio (Australia)


SNMPv3, ARENA Simulation, RFC2064, RTFM, Network Management.


Simple Network Management Protocol version 3 is an extension of earlier versions addressing security and administration features of SNMP. SNMPv3 has additional features like different message format and defines new management information bases (MIB) for security, configuration, notification, view-based access control and proxy forwarding. Simulation of SNMPv3 traffic flow meter MIB has been carried out using ARENA Simulation Modelling Software. RFC 2064 (Traffic Flow measurement meter MIB) design is the basis of this simulation. This traffic flow meter can be designed for SNMPv3 network management system to monitor and control all network devices. From the simulation results estimation of the traffic flow parameters like packet arrivals, user usage level, availability of network workstation and ensuring authentication and privacy of users of network management system is carried out.

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