(Multi) 3D Virtual Dancer Animation

S. Kalajdziski, V. Trajkovic, S. Celakoski, and D. Davcev (Macedonia)


Visualization, Multi3D animation, Object-Oriented modeling, Labanotation


In this paper, the micro-level spatio temporal characteristics of dance incorporated in Labanotation representation of the dance were used as a starting point for modeling a 3D virtual dancer. Object-Oriented modeling techniques like Unified Modeling Language (UML) were used in the 3D animation process. This paper focuses on a subsystem for 3D visual representation of human movements in real time. It also has to have a script interface close to the natural description of the human movements in order to enable runtime definition of the movements. We have applied our Multi3D technology [8] for real time 3D visualization on the web and to build up the animation mechanism by using its interaction and animation capabilities. A prototype implementation of Macedonian dance illustrates our approach.

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