Multi3D: Web3D Product Visualization for E-Commerce

C. Sasko, T. Vladimir, and D. Davcev (Macedonia)


Visualization, E-Commerce, Web3D graphics, QoS mechanism.


Internet based access to information and interactive 3D graphics are research areas that have been greatly exposed to innovations and improvements in the past few years. Their combination seems to be the primary vehicle for applications concerned with visualization, electronic commerce etc. Methods and algorithms for storing 3D graphics models, whether based on precise 3D geometry or its polyhedral approximation, are most involved in the efficient transmission of 3D geometry via Internet. This paper presents a new framework for efficient transmission of 3D graphics and introduces some elements of Quality of Service (QoS) management and implementation of web3D technology in e-commerce application. Multi3D framework provides an efficient representation for precise parametric geometry and animation path, parametric description of solid geometry objects and geometry modifiers, progressive transmission of polygonal approximations of 3D models (meshes) and texture (image) compression methods. It promotes the parametric description of the geometry as geometry compression method. As an example we applied our 3D technology to promote a new type of store, a so called “Conceptual Store”.

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