Intelligent Control of a Stepping Motor using a Hybrid Approach Combining Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic

P. Melin and O. Castillo (Mexico)



Stepping motors are widely used in robotics and in the numerical control of machine tools where they have to perform high-precision positioning operations. However, the variations of the mechanical configuration of the drive, which are common to these two applications, can lead to a loss of synchronism for high stepping rates. Moreover, the classical open-loop speed control is weak and a closed-loop control becomes necessary. In this paper, fuzzy logic is applied to control the speed of a stepping motor drive with feedback. A neuro-fuzzy hybrid approach is used to design the fuzzy rule base of the intelligent system for control. In particular, we used the ANFIS methodology to build a Sugeno fuzzy model for controlling the stepping motor drive. An advanced test bed is used in order to evaluate the tracking properties and the robustness capacities of the fuzzy logic controller.

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