Exploiting the Degree of Freedom in H∞ Optimization

T. Huat and P. Hin (Singapore)


H∞ controller, Genetic Algorithms, pole placement, bounded real controllers.


A heuristic approach to find a desired H∞ controller based on Genetic Algorithms (GAs) is shown. Stabilizing H∞ controllers are parameterized in terms of a free bounded real parameter. We proposed a method using Genetic Algorithm (GA) to search for a suitable bounded real system S(s) over the space of free parameters such that the desired controller obtained would place the closed-loop poles at prespecified regions. The candidate solution is constrained to be bounded real and the penalty function method is used to handle this constraint. A numerical example is given to illustrate our algorithm. In addition, with a numerical example, we also demonstrate the use of the space of free parameters in the search for bounded real controllers.

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