Synthesis of Control Law for Non-linear Systems based on Metric Equivalence

V. Černý and J. Hrušák (Czech Republic)


Non-linear control, Dissipation normal form, Lyapunov function, Stability


Stabilization (control system design) is one of fundamental areas investigated in the system theory and a lot of articles have already been dedicated to it in technical literature. The synthesis of control law for non-linear systems based on metric equivalence considered in the paper represents a new approach to the solution of a stabilization problem for a certain class of non-linear systems. As the theoretical base of the approach the well-known dissipation system theory (which allows fulfilling natural demands for stabilization problem solving very well) has been chosen. It gives more flexibility for guaranteing the asymptotical stability of a closed loop system in comparison with other techniques. The Lyapunov’s stability theory is the other basic point of the approach.

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