A New Chaining Block Mode for Ciphering

N. Taboudjemat, O. Nouali, R. Saadi, and A. Berbar (Algeria)


Internet security, Cryptography,Block cipher, Chaining Blocks


Electronic data and information exchange (including private and personal information, on line commercial transactions, etc.) is the most exposed service to harmful attacks, hence, the important security issue of this service. Security covers the confidentiality, integrity, authentication and non-repudiation concerns. Cryptography is known to be a basic tool for Internet security. In this paper we are interested in using cryptographic techniques to secure the electronic exchanges to protect them from being attacked during their transmission on the NET. We particularly emphasis on enciphering and our solution offers the user three security levels: low, medium and high. More ever, the most important contribution of this paper is that we enforce the enciphering techniques used by introducing two new chaining blocks modes that allowed us to combine two different enciphering algorithms at the same time to encrypt a message .

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