TutTelCast: A Multipoint Based Architecture

J.-F. Colin, K. Sbata, and P. Vincent (France)


distance learning, Internet, HTTP, Java, proxy, multicast.


The Ecole Nouvelle d’ingénieurs et de communications, ENIC implemented a distance learning course in 1993. After using ISDN, we have designed a lighter and more flexible tool based on an individual training workstation and the Internet. Our tool, called tutTelCast®, manages synchronous meetings. Its main goal is to distribute a teacher’s slides to distant students. It offers services such as: broadcasting of HTML pages, annotation management, and instant messaging between teacher and students. We have tested this tool in different working conditions. This paper is divided into three parts: 1. distance learning needs, 2. TutTelCast architecture, and 3. network support. It also explains tutTelCast®’s implementation, and the differences between our multipoint approach and multicast IP. This work was supported in the frame of the VirTeppe project, European Union IST program.

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