Hezinet. The Hypermedia System that Makes the Basque Language Easy to Learn

Sara Sanz, J. Gutiérrez, T.A. Pérez, Silvia Sanz, J.A. Vadillo, and M. Villamañe (Spain)


Distance learning, Hypermedia system, Intelligent Tutor, System Evaluation, Interactive Learning Environments.


Hezinet is a tool for distance learning of languages. This software merges a Hypermedia system with an Intelligent Tutor. This combination is used to make the system adaptive to the user. Hezinet is a commercial system. Any person can buy it and learn Basque by Internet. Moreover, the product is already installed in different euskaltegiak (special schools for Basque language learning) around the world. At this moment, we’re working on the evaluation of Hezinet and specially on finding general methods to evaluate adaptative hypermedia systems.

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