Educational Software Environment for Motion Control

A. Onea and V. Horga (Romania)


DSP, digital motion control, shell, remote control, programming environment, communication, graphic user interface.


The paper presents a software development environment for a Motion Control Development Board (MCDB) equipped with the DSP TMS320C31. The software was developed especially for educational motion control applications. The main reason was the lack of integrated software tools for TMS320C3x family offered by producers. The software package contains a software development shell that runs under DOS and remote control software. The software development shell provides an integrated set of tools for code editor, DSP project build facilities, an integrated debugger and communication functions. It allows creating, testing, and refining the applications all in one place. The remote control package can be activated directly from shell. It offers the possibility to select a specific motion structure, to download the application, to analyse the DSP program variables, to start/stop the application, to save on-line the program variables, and off-line tracking of real-time stored data and visualisation. The advantages of the software development environment are: integration of the software tools offered by Texas Instruments, user-friendly programming environment, powerful library functions for peripherals, portability and readability of application programs, monitoring, data transfer, saving and visualisation of program variables. The software product can be used in educational process and in research as well.

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