Development of Remote Execution Environments for SOL as Interactive Applications on the Web

N. Yokoo, H. Koide, and Y. Shigematsu (Japan)


Internet based Educational System, Remote Execution on the WWW, Local File Access with Java Applet


We developed two types of remote execution environments for the set oriented language SOL, which the authors have been designed and developed. These execution environ ments enabled users to execute SOL programs from remote hosts on the WWW. The first was implemented by CGI and Frame in addition to Form technology, the second was implemented by Java applet instead of Form technology. These execution environments had the mechanism which made it possible to execute SOL programs interactively. This paper shows the system architectures of these remote execution environments, discusses the security of the Java applet through the execution environment, and mentions the method to apply our environments to other program ming languages. In case of introducing programming lan guages on the WWW, the remote execution environments which use CGI and Form technologies are sometimes pro vided. However the executions are noninteractively per formed in any other existing execution environments, be cause it is required all input data prior to execution in such execution environments. This restriction has been removed in our execution environments.

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