A Learning Model for Distance Learning - Design Proposal

A. Al-Bassam and P. Neubert (Kuwait)


Learning Model, On-Demand Education, Distance Learning, System Design.


The emergence of new technologies within many disciplines, such as Internet, multimedia, database and communication, have leveraged the educational activities and generated new trends within the learning process. Recently, the Internet-based learning has been the topic and objective of several research works and projects. The lack of informative and clear methodologies in the discipline of Internet-based learning has encouraged us to propose our own design for a learning model. In this paper, we will propose a learning model that encapsulates the learning main categories, such as activities, parameters and policies into one model as an attempt to simplify the complexity of the learning process and present it as flexible groups, components and sub components and introduce the relationships between them. In section 1, an introduction will be presented including a brief description of the main components of distance learning and the interaction between these components. In section 2, a proposed learning model with a description for each group will be illustrated. A brief description for the groups’ interaction will be introduced in section 3. Finally, we will draw our summary and conclusion.

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