E-learning in Lithuania: New Possibilities using Web-based Training

D. Rutkauskiene and S. Stanys (Lithuania)


Web-Based Education, e-Learning, University Education


Traditional research universities are in a period of transition and could create a new environment for higher education. Universities have to become ‘service universities’. The main goal of such universities is to be recognized as providers of knowledge-based services to their regions and the whole society. Considering the traditional teaching process in Lithuania e-learning should be designed on a basis of the present infrastructure of universities and colleges while accumulating academic potential and evaluating real needs for e-Learning courses. Kaunas Regional Distance Education Study Centre (KRDESC) at Kaunas University of Technology has accumulated big experience in providing Web-based DE courses. One of the major tasks of KRDESC is to create the infrastructure for the delivering of distance education courses and involve teachers into the DE course development and delivery process. During the complex research there should be prepared recommendations how distance learning process must be organized and how distance courses should be delivered. In Lithuania now there is a growing demand for DE courses in textile education. Textile industry of Lithuania is one the most developed industry branches in the country. At the moment 18% of all running companies are stated as textile companies. The use of information technologies in textile education and research areas could help Lithuanian textile industry to meet the challenges and needs of the new millennium.

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