Finding Space for Technology: Organizational and Instructional Issues for Computer-use in Schools

J. Jenson and C. Brushwood Rose (Canada)


Education, technology, curriculum, schooling, andtechnology policies.


With the large-scale acquisition and installation of computer and networking hardware in schools across Canada, a major concern for administrators and teachers has been where to locate these new technologies within schools – in computer labs, classrooms, libraries or elsewhere – and whether and how the structure of the school might itself be made to accommodate (in terms of cost, space, and even architecture) these new technologies. The location of, allocation of and access to computers is a complex consideration for schools, their administrators, and technical support staff who are increasingly burdened with cost-driven decision-making. This paper asks whether and how computer location/placement within a school might limit, change, enable and disable different kinds of pedagogy and possibilities for teachers’ practices using these new technologies.

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