Experiences using Web-based Education in Electrical Engineering

P. Saari, S. Kuusiluoma, H. Hytönen, T. Keikko, and L. Korpinen (Finland)


Web-Based Education, Design and Development of Online Courses


Web-based teaching material has widely been available to use at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) for a few years. New ideas of different ways using the newest technology have been implemented and evaluated. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the experiences of realizing virtual introduction course to electrical engineering in web based open learning environment. The courses examined were the “Electric Power Engineering Virtual Course” and “Environmental Issues of Electric and Electronics Industry”. Both of the courses consisted of lessons, calculation exercises and laboratory exercises. The lessons and calculation exercises could be studied via Internet but the laboratory exercises were performed in a traditional laboratory. According to the feedback received from the users, this type of virtual education is worth further development.

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