Integrated Research/Educational Knowledge Base for a New Computer Engineering Curriculum

E. Regentova, V. Muthukumar, H. Selvaraj, and S. Latifi (USA)


Combined research/teaching, Course design, Knowledge construction.


The goals and tasks for restructuring and renovating computer engineering curriculum in the light of state-of the-art education technologies, research and design tools are presented. We discuss a new curriculum featured by incorporated research, and learning methods via collaborative knowledge mining and exchanging instructional blocks between courses. The core idea of such a curriculum is to expose students to the goal/application oriented study at both undergraduate and graduate levels. In collaborative curriculum development, an approach is applied of viewing to system design issues from different application perspectives and involving several disciplines to attain the most efficient solution. Software, hardware and co-design tasks are considered in conjunction. The outcome of such a research and educational endeavors is expected in the form of an advanced, continuously upgraded Research/Educational Knowledge Base which can be shared by faculty and students. Curriculum and student evaluation and assessment methods are also presented.

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