Extending the Undergraduate Computer Science Curriculum to Include Information Retrieval and Data Mining

D. Grossman, N. Goharian, O. Frieder, and N. Raju (USA)



We describe our progress extending the undergraduate Computer Science (CS) curriculum to include a deep understanding of information retrieval (IR) and data mining (DM). Instead of simply understanding how to build applications using tools involving IR and DM, students build these tools and learn the relevant algorithms implemented in these tools. Some novel approaches exist in our work. We include a hands-on lab setting where students use the tools they have built to perform experiments that could ultimately extend the field. Hence, undergraduates have firsthand knowledge of performing research in Computer Science using a scientific method. Secondly, we have a rigorous set of evaluation criteria developed by our Psychology department that will evaluate how well students learn using our novel approaches. Ultimately, we believe these two courses warrant consideration into standards developed for the undergraduate CS curriculum.

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