Generating and Using Speech-text Coupled Sequences in Interactive Online Modules

H.-D. Wuttke and W. Fengler (Germany)


Computer-assisted Learning andInstruction, Authoring Tools and Methodology, Internet based Educational and Training Systems, Text-Speech Combination and Navigation in Learning Environments.


In this paper we discuss solutions for a spoken word support of learning modules, which can be accessed via the Internet. We are going to use them for teaching foreign students. At first we work out the requirements on a tool for separating spoken words and combining them with written text. Further we compare some realizations and present a method and an implementation of “Living Pictures” 1) where the spoken words are closely coupled to a written text. Thus learners have the possibility to watch the visualization and listen to the explanation. Simultaneously, students can read the text in an extra window, where the actual words are highlighted. For navigation purposes the text can be searched in well known manner and the coupled spoken words can be started from that point.

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